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Next Big Events:

Every Wednesday
      5/5 6pm Allianz product Training TONIGHT -  www.wealthwave5280.com/training

6:30-8:30pm Mountain -  www.wealthwave5280.com/training  (ID 720-528-5280)

Every - Saturday Training 10am-11:30 Mountain-  www.wealthwave5280.com/training


Saturday May 15th - 9am-12pm Mountain  How Money Works Challenge for Christian Entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurship mindset with Chris Felton & Josh Tolley - see flyer
 - with Deb and Beverly 

Thursday May 20th - 6pm Mountain Women's event with Kim Schouller
 - with Bernadette and Barb Tyson www.wealthwave5280.com/women

Thursday May 20th - 6pm Mountain Event - Wealth in the Black Community
 - with Genesis, Rhainy and Thalia  www.wealthwave5280.com/blackwealth

Saturday - June 19th 8-12am SUPER SATURDAY

Interview with Authors Replay Link

How Money Works Book Media Tour Link


Indirect Invite Script:

“We are on a major expansion for our group.  I was hoping you could help me.  Can you get on this zoom overview on (date)?  We go into detail about our Mission of stamping out financial illiteracy in the US and who we are looking to serve, and hopefully you will be able to connect me with people that need what we offer.  The value you will receive is leveling up your financial literacy and learning world class success principles.   I’ll send you a copy of the #1 financial book of 2020 just for attending and of course I want to mastermind with you about how I can help you.  Can I count on you?” 

Edify the speaker…

Chris Felton is the head of our office, top 50 out of 50k and a National speaker.  He launched the Mission that our entire company is on.


Virtual BPM/ Training - NEW LINK - Every Wednesday 6:30-8ish  www.wealthwave5280.com/bpm
Virtual BPM/ Training - NEW LINK - Every Saturday 9:30-12ish  www.wealthwave5280.com/bpm



Replay of Client event - and more to come - http://wealthwave5280.com/replay

Eric Virtual 20 minute Zoom (ZPM) -
        Every Thursday 12-12:20pm Mountain.  https://zoom.us/j/662649473
        Every Tuesday 6-6:20pm Mountain.  https://zoom.us/j/662649473


Legends TEAM Training (All Colorado) Schedule)

    4/3 - 8am  https://zoom.us/j/662649473


Lunch is now FREE purchase now through Venmo @Cosmas-Agwu

Chris Felton - How To Make A Million Dollars - Training - July 24, 2019

Download Audio: Chris Felton - How To Make A Million Dollars - Training - July 24, 2019

Ed Mylett - Hawaii Trip 2019

Download Audio: Ed Mylett - Hawaii Trip 2019



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